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Active Verbs. Note of Caution: Only use the verbs you're familiar with unless you take the time to examine the definition in the dictionary. This is NOT a list of synonyms. Each word has specific usage patterns that are unique to its meaning. Literary Essay. Report or. Persuasive Essay that refers to an expert's opinion or.
Warm-Up #7: Strong Verbs for Essay Writing. Step one: Copy the definitions for the following verbs. 1. To juxtapose: to place side by side, often for contrast. Ex: The writer of Family Guy juxtaposes the characters Brian and. Peter to enhance their differing intelligence levels. 2. To imply: to indicate or suggest without explicitly
ACTIVE VERBS LIST. Agree. Nod. Consent. Comply. Concur. Accept. Acknowledge. Consent. Appear. Show. Flash. Materialize. Surface. Bloom. Flower. Manifest. Surface. Emerge. Develop. Spawn. Arrive. Arise. Ask. Request. Question. Inquire. Pose. Proposition. Solicit. Plead. Cross-examine. Demand. Grill. Interrogate.
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In the same way that a story needs active, dynamic verbs to keep the plot moving, academic essays too will benefit from the correct use of verbs to help you present your ideas. The table below list useful verbs that are very common in academic texts. You are likely to come across more verbs for the different categories in
Using active verbs is essential if you want to write with a direct authoritative style. Instead of using the impersonal passive verbs and third person viewpoint, you should write with strong, active verbs. Almost every authority on writing encourages you to use active verbs. Here's some typical advice to authors publishing
MARKER VERBS FOR ESSAYS OF ANALYSIS. Abbreviated List. *COMMUNICATES. Concludes. Connects. Declares. Implies. Informs. Introduces. Provides. Reports. Reveals. Signifies. States. Suggests. *CONVEYS. Expresses. Relates. Reveals. *REVEALS. Clarifies. Demonstrates. Displays. Illustrates. *ENHANCES.
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Good writers seem almost to compose by faith and intuition, confident that their instincts rather than their knowledge of grammar will guide them towards the best diction and syntax. When we write well, we learn to “feel” our way through an essay rather than pull up a rote system of rules and regulations to guide us. That said
be verbs. Can you spot them?) We're the first to admit that it is nearly impossible to write without using an occasional are or is. (In fact, we just used two more!) However, most ... To be verbs lack the vigor and power offered by stronger, more-action packed verbs. As a result ... He struggled with the paper that was assigned by

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