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Derived from Scholastic's "Teacher Center: Essay". Students will use the following writing techniques in their essays: Excellent language and mechanics. Effective, subtle, and/or innovative organization; Word choice is deliberate and works with the content. Sentence structure is varied. Language and rhythm are consistent
A brief lesson in clarity! For a quick, fun starter, remind students how important it is to be clear in their explanations. Get them to write a brief, clear explanation for something simple such as how to tie a shoe lace or a tie. Then see if their partner can follow their explanation. Mat mates. Encourage students to make their own
On these pages you will find ideas for classroom activities which involve writing. Latest writing activity. Text lingo. Many of our teenage students now have mobile phones and enjoy sending text messages to each other. This activity introduces them to some English text messages that they could start to use with their friends.
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Writing activities that support lecture/discussion The one-minute paper. ... Papers from your previous courses work very well for this purpose, but the Yale Writing Center website also includes a trove of Model Student Essays from a variety of disciplines, all available for use in Yale courses. Selecting excerpts to highlight
English II teachers are constantly searching for strategies to improve students' analytical responses to literature. This lesson is designed for all types of learners, offering various activities for all learning styles. Individual, small group, and whole class activities on essay writing culminate with the student writing his or her own
Being a teacher, you perfectly understand what skills your students should get in order to become successful. Their college life is impossible to imagine without paper work, and that is why.
Teaching ESL students the fundamentals of essay writing can be a very challenging process. This lesson will go over some valuable activities to use...
A comprehensive guide to essay writing. The toolkit contains over 50 activities to help students improve their essays, as well as a wealth of other information, ideas and links. All aspects of essay writing are covered and the material is suitable for use...

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